Monday, December 1, 2014

12 days of Mary

 Remembering Mary,
divine feminine.

Sacred Heart
Chimayo New Mexico

 Culminating on Mary's feast day December 12.
Please join us


  1. Chimayo, New Mexico. It is at the top of our list as our next place to visit. I will love seeing your dramatic image and perhaps evening touching it.

  2. Lovely to meet here again on these twelve days of the Blessed Mary.

  3. the Sacred Heart appears to be flaming with love.

  4. Ah! You were in my 'hood for Chimayo-is it not a special place? I've know it before it has become what it is today which is quite a transformation.
    The most profound part is the testimony of faith. Pure and simple.

  5. thank you dear friend for your beautiful presence as we walk the first 12 days of december together. i have missed everyone so much. it feels so comforting to walk together in this light of love and honoring, already my heart is swelling and we are only at day one! xo