Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 Days of Mary

Loving Lupita
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  1. oh this is lovely! when i was a child i always thought, "if i were to be someone else, and i certainly didn't want to be, but if i had to, who would i be?" and the answer always was a Native Indian Princess (I suppose that is not politically correct today, but those are the words of my childhood, actually less the native part). I knew we had aboriginal background on my mothers side a couple of generations back, perhaps that is why - but more likely it was because from stories i imagined an aboriginal princess to be so beautiful and i had dark hair and eyes , at any rate and i pictured her exactly like this. I had forgotten this for a while. Thank you.

  2. Really sweet Gemma. Do you suppose that might be a Native American Mary doll she is loving so much? Her little Lupita. Like this!!

  3. She looks like so many of the students I had when I taught at a school in Indian Country.

  4. Startlingly beautiful. At first I thought it was a photograph but after looking more closely, I think she is painted. What an example of Mary and baby Jesus.

  5. Such innocence and affection in that image. Captivating!