Monday, May 11, 2015

This is a picture of my kitchen salsa garden.
Shown here are  basil, cilantro, 
2 kinds of tomatoes, sage, 2 kinds of peppers, 
and also there are squash growing.

Growing in nearby pots there are various 
flowering plants. Gardenias, Star Jasmine, 
pretty Petunias, Snap Dragons
and more.

Please stop by on May24th I am participating 
in an internet garden tour. 
I will show all the trees and flowers 
and beautiful bushes growing here.
The tiles in the front 
are some that I made with an art teacher friend.
We put the clay on a roller and rolled it thin.
Then we measured and cut the tiles and let them dry.
When they were ready we glazed them, and
fired them in the school kiln.


  1. Wonderful Gemma. It looks great and I do love your tiles. That internet garden tour sounds like fun. Can anyone join? I think I'd be interested. Take care dear girl.

  2. Yes Gloria I think you will find info on that here: