Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Inner Alchemy Earth cards

My desert Earth home
made of mud grounded
physically & spiritually

Earlier this year I joined an internet group studying the elements. In July we started with the element Fire. We were given a lexicon of words associated with fire. There were many excellent teachers who gave lessons and information on meaningful aspects of those words in relation to element Fire.
Using that information and personal intuition we built a deck of Fire cards. We were also given various ways to use the cards for guidance.

This month we moved to the element Earth. First card is Earth. My home/desert landscape. When I pick this card I will understand the meaning I embedded into it.

Second card is Ground. The image is made of mud. To me it represents being grounded Spiritually & Physically. It reminds me to stay in touch with myself, my Earth home, my roots, stand my ground and it's all
HOLY Ground.
Excavate, digging deep
 for treasure
It can take a long time

The excavate card is about digging deep
and unearthing personal potential.
gestate Is about taking the time for ideas
to develop into creations.
Just as it takes time for anything of value to grow.
I also think of this as Patience.
Nest card is a photo of Taos pueblo which is made of sticks and mud. Taos is a spiritual and physical nest that provides space to do what needs to be done in a safe environment.

gathering these cards/ fruits of my labor.

I have made 7 of 30 cards. When I am finished I will make a collage of them all to share here.

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