Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mona Lisa selfies from Magical Journey group

Last year
among other things,
Eight ladies painted,
Mona Lisa self portraits
and sent them
on a
Magical Journey.
Maggie Nemetz and her Kitties in Pennslyvania

Kim Collister I AM cow GIRL

Katina Wright a Cornwall book lover and maker

Priti Lisa remembers Love canal

Gem moi in Sedona

from England Lisa Wright stuff
Stephanie Corder Southern girl

Tammy Sprinkle smiles for miles
Love that these beauties 
are in a collection  at
gemmas house.
Thank you


  1. Awesome, Gemma! A great idea...I will post mine too. Will give me something to blog about since it's been nearly a year since I posted on my blog. We had fun with MJJ last year! On to 2016!

  2. Wowzer, these are awesome, Gemma. I am envious. Wish I could have been part of that magical journey. I can't even pick a fav because they are all so wonderful.

  3. seeing some of these for the first time...
    was a great theme you picked, makes an exciting collection. really points to our individuality.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Leonardo would be impressed. Great work all..!!

  5. I LOVE seeing them all together- gorgeous!