Thursday, March 3, 2016

Letting go Haiku~

Midnight Blue Velvet
Stars like sequins on bodice
danced until morning

for eternity
Pink polka-dotted silk scarf
in back of closet

An old bridesmaids gown
Mustard yellow satin thing
inside the black hole

once a perfect fit
party ready prom formal
creates fabric sky

yesteryears garments
miles of fond memories
remained in my care

saved for my daughters
but they didn't want these things
forever and more

so finally let go
recycled vintage dresses
and love the new closet space


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  1. Oh Gemma... what a poignant haiku on letting go and new space... such beautiful memories all floating like stars on this fabric sky...

  2. I'm also at the stage of letting go---and it's not so easy, is it? At least, not for me!

  3. A beautiful sentiment about something that is very difficult to do. I have had to do that recently and it's hard to let go of them because of the memories. But then I realized I have the memories even with out the dresses! Thank you!

  4. Colorful photo and love the dresses ~ doesn't it feel great to 'let go' ~ lovely haiku about the process ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  5. Very nice letting go ritual! Healing and creating space!

  6. Letting go is quite difficult, but not impossible. Love this. :)

  7. dear gemma,
    what a treasure you are - sharing your heart and memories with us-and your closet for so long with your daughters! my life is brighter and warmer in knowing you. xo

  8. So beautiful and heartfelt. Welcome in many new joys

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Gemma

    Much love...

  9. In my entire life I have never had such pretty dresses as these, so I can't relate. But they sure do make a pretty picture. I do have two old pair of jeans from the 1980's. LOL. Does that count? I don't wanna let go because they might take me back one day. Ha!

  10. Yes,very hard to let go is so many areas of life. The closet is one of the worst for me, Like a memory closet!! I think, oh I might wear this, or someone might want it, or maybe I'll make a pillow with it and then it goes right in there! Maybe, this summer I will "let go" in my closet... maybe!