Friday, December 9, 2016

Twelve days of Mary Love Haiku

feeling bleak that day
put blues and black on canvas
my painting was dark
adding light colors
she emerged, unfinished still
with love in her eyes
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  1. This is so lovely... in word, image, and metaphor. How amazing that such love and light emerged from such rich darkness... thank you for sharing this with us dear Gemma. XO

  2. What I see is a rainbow of hope. She is precious!

  3. The first thing struck me were her eyes and your haiku explains the love in them. I actually was also drawn to her faint smile. I hear her whispering, "Everything will be OK."

  4. ah yes the light of love, sparkles; thanksfor dropping by my blog today

    much love...

  5. She is beautiful ~ and shining with love ~ received with 'love and light.'

    Wishing you days of contentment ~ ^_^

  6. it is a comfort how light transforms even the darkest canvas of life. gemma your heart and love shine through all you do. how blessed am i that our paths crossed. i cherish your presence in my life. xo

  7. Beautiful piece of art, Gemma. Your heart shows in your work and your words. xo