Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A season with EVE

Meet Eve.
A beautiful art collaboration 
painted by dear friends
Tracy Dove, Leslie Jones,
and myself.
We painted
her for the gift shop, Groove,
owned by another friend. 
We painted Eve in a garden.
A large tree winds up her body.
Butterflies, lizards, ladybugs, birds, a peacock,
 a turtle and a snake find a home on her.
Many types of flowers, swirls,
  spider webs, and garden life
From the top of her head

everything was painted
except the bottom of her feet.
Eve in Dove Studio
getting ready to go to Groove Shoppe.

Tracy, Leslie, Eve, Lara, and myself at Groove
Finally our beautiful Eve
is home at last.


  1. That is so cool...well, except for the snake! But this snake doesn't look too fierce.

  2. Eve is beautiful, and a perfect name for her decorative "clothing".

  3. Gemma! She is not only incredibly beautiful but she is life size!!!!!! I can just imagine... everything about her moving... and coming to life...