Friday, January 27, 2017

Haiku my heart~

Old bottles survive an otherwise
 broken world. 

rescued from the dump
antiquated collection
how long to remain?
Haiku my heart


  1. I love this Gemma, drawing and haiku. One of my favorite childhood memories is of salvaging old bottles (and other things). I want to know their stories, where did they sit, what was in them... I especially love the real old ones and how the glass changes and transforms... or the odd shapes, especially the hand blown ones. I can't believe how you've captured my memories here... just like a genie in a bottle...

  2. The drawing is superb! I love to look at old things, and this collection of old bottles is no exception.

  3. Old bottles are so interesting. When HB & I lived in Colorado we owned an old mining claim and found several old bottles and parts of some others. I'm like Lea above...I wish I could know the stories behind them.

  4. Awesome painting, Gemmagirl. Now that they have brought you this beauty, this may be the answer to "how long to remain". Perhaps they were brought to your attention just to finally become this wonderful piece of art. Their beauty and memories can be carried on through your art.

    Once I found a really interesting bottle on the beach with a foreign label. It had a small amount of liquid in it. I opened it to pour out the liquid so I could keep the bottle. Oh dear, you dont want to know.....

  5. Gma you breathe new life into these bottles with your paint skills and words! Happy day to you! Xo

  6. dear gemma,

    i love rescuing discarded gems! you placed a smile on my face-and i really needed that so much. thank you. xo

  7. Oh, Gemma, how did I lose you. I was going back over old post and saw your link. I believe that I thought you had quite blogging. So happy to find you again.