Friday, April 14, 2017

Haiku my heart
in the  dry Arizona desert.

Holding up roses
whitewashed vintage picket fence
imbued with story
Here is a story:
My friend lives out in the desert
 just south of here.
She has a pot belly pig named Truffles,
several chickens, and some pigmy goats.
The goats climb & stand on each others backs.
Her son lives across the road
he has horses.
Always something going on.
Laughter, friendship,
weddings, and funerals
held here
through the years.
Blowing kisses
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recuerda mi Corazon
Haiku my heart


  1. Lovely photo and and reflective haiku about romance ~ thanks,

    Happy Easter to you ~ ^_^

  2. So beautiful Gemma, I would love to sit beneath this rose bush, beside this picket fence and listen to the stories...

  3. Dear Gemma,
    i likte the photo and your Haiku too!
    Warm regards

  4. I'm guessing that you've told us only a handful out of thousands of those stories...

  5. Oh girl, I love your story and love your picket fence photo. Here is another story. I have a friend who lives across the country from me. We met only once. Yet I know her to be kind, considerate and loving. She is talented and true. Her heart is so big the world could fit into it. I blow her kisses and trust the warm, desert winds will deliver them to her door. xo