Friday, January 19, 2018

Though we will miss him
Bucky moved into the light
He did it his way
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"Bucky" Russell Wickerham
(father of DIL Julie Manzo)
died this morning.
RIP Bucky


  1. Moving into the light is heart-wrenching for those left behind, but a joy for the one doing the moving. One of life's paradoxes...

  2. The light in your photo is lovely. If Bucky's light is like that, he is very happy indeed. Condolences to all family. Luv you!

  3. soul's signature moves
    from matter to energy
    holy transition

  4. Such a creative photo! and loving words
    ~ Bucky is in a good space ~ healing hugs to who all remain here without Bucky ~

    Happy Weekend,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. oh gemma-your offering of words, image and honoring touch me deeply. thank you for including us in this bright transition so we may add our light and love to the circle. xo

  6. Such a beautiful tribute dear Gemma to Bucky. Thank you for sharing his light with us. XO

  7. Such an amazing picture. There is consolation in the rays. Hoping you find it knowing that by honoring Bucky you have helped me recall the fondness I’ve had for Duke, Alvin, and Weber. Thank you!

  8. He will be fine.
    He went over the rainbow bridge, into the light.
    You will keep him in your heart.
    A wonderful haiku with picture