Saturday, August 29, 2009

Artful Life

Oh to live an artful life
Have time and muses gift
to endlessly create.
Alas! I am afraid to admit
I'm more like these great housewives of art:

Ms. Degas vacuuming
Well I vacuumed yesterday.

Ms. Van Gogh making the bed

Yep the bed is made.

Ms. Munch bemoaning the tomato sauce stains on the wall

Just don't want to go there today...

I found these images in a little treasure of a book
called Great Housewives of Art by Sally Swain.
It is chocked full.
Guess what Andy Warhol's wife is making him for dinner?
Would you believe the Mona Lisa has facial hair?
Had to laugh...

Have an artful weekend


  1. My sister and I have a joke that the person in the Munch painting is saying (in a Norwegian accent): "Uffa, dose clip-on earrings sure hurt!"

  2. Oh my goodness! You sure made me laugh this afternoon!

  3. you bring art into your life in the bestest ways!

  4. Oh those are great! Maybe if I do arabesques and plies while vacuuming, I'd be inclined to do it more often (or at least be happier, when I do! :)

  5. You sure know how to entice me to do housework! I love these pictures.