Sunday, October 9, 2011

remembering the beans

 My little brother was an adventerous onery child. I remember him always carrying a BB gun out and about.
One day he was playing with matches on the hill near where we lived in Flagstaff. He ended up setting 
Mt. Elden on fire. That's a memory! whew! Luckily no one was injured and the fire was put out.

When Tim was about ten years old, my mother was cooking a pot of beans in a pressure cooker. He came into the kitchen, and took the lid off the beans to taste them. Needless to say the pressurized pot exploded.
Beans blew up in his face. He was left with a very obvious scar in the middle of his forehead shaped like a bean. Throughout his life in later years we always joked with him about "the beans".
"Bean head"...."beaned in the bean with a bean."
A few days after he died in October 2006, I stopped into a store to pick up a few items and to buy myself some flowers. When I got to the register the cashier said "It's raining beans in here" and "Look there is another one." A pinto bean appeared on her counter. I told her perhaps the last customer had bought some beans and the bag broke. She said "No one has bought any beans here all day." She was really excited about it.
Later when I got home and unwrapped the flowers, there tucked deep inside the flower stems were 3 dry pinto beans.
a message from Tim.
I still have those beans.
They are going on my ofrenda shrine.

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  1. I like the story of the beans at the store. That's a perfect thing to include in your shrine.

  2. oh gemma....
    electric story, the way only true life can be.
    thank you for sharing this, your bean, your tim.
    your sacred heart seems to have the indentation of a pinto bean. as does your life. now i know one more thing that endears you to me.
    and i will understand the import of three beans on your offrenda.

    i love you

  3. What a wonderful story! There is no doubt in my mind that his spirit was there in the store with you and paid you a visit. Glad you have the beans and put them out. I just love stories like this.


  4. Beautiful story Gemma. Loved it. I too now know what those 3 beans will mean on your ofrenda. Loved it!

  5. I think I remember this from the time. It gives me goosebumps.I know he was with you that day.xo

  6. oh gemma,
    what an fabulous not only do our deceased family and friends come back in spirit to us as butterflies...but sometimes as other signs that only we can interpret.


  7. Wonderful story about your dear brother, Gemma, and I too believe he sent you a message with the pinto beans. Funny story about the pressure-cooker. I too can see a bean shape in that sacred heart...another message for you perhaps?

    The beans will make a very touching addition to your ofrenda shrine.

    Love, light and peace,
    Serena xo

  8. How touching, Gemma. Truly a message from the other side.

  9. How beautiful the beans hidden in your flowers.
    Lovely story to remember your brother with.

  10. Ah, wondrous! Truly wondrous. Thank you for this touching story about Tim. (Tim is also my brother's name. He took his own life two years ago...)

    Shadowy Skeleton

  11. Wow! What a powerful and moving story! How wonderful that your brother found a way to communicate with you.

  12. Like mum Gemma, I remember meeting you around the time that Tim passed on. He is definitely watching over you. xo

  13. What a wonderful, mystical story--the kind I totally believe in and relish. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. ~~3 dry pinto beans~~

    this has
    The Best Story Ever.


  15. I remember you talking about that episode before. It is still amazing to me. You are very lucky to have had that "message". There can be no mistaking that it was just that. Take care Ms. G. xoxoxo

  16. That is an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it. :) Pam

  17. oh Gemma - a lovely story.. lovely lovely xoxo

  18. dear gemma,

    this really got me. i had to include you and bean in my post today. thank you for sharing in the art of remembering, straight from your heart!

  19. Ohhhh...I so enjoyed reading this post, Gemma. That is a GOOD family story - it should be told over and over to the younger generations in your family.

  20. dear sweet gemma,

    this morning i have once again shared your amazing memories of tim. postcards from paradise is once again dedication each sunday in october to The Art of Remembering.
    i cannot begin to tell you how deeply moved i am with this outpouring of love, and i hope you will return to woo us once more with your stories!
    please invite your blog family, the more stories, all the more love igniting all our hearts!