Sunday, October 16, 2011

My grandparents Henry and Maryfrank Sanders on their wedding day.
They were parents to eleven children.
He was a race car driver and a bootlegger.
She came from a wealthy family that disowned her for awhile.
They were poor, living off of the land in the mountains of New Mexico.
She grew vegetables and sold them at a roadside stand.

When my mother was a little girl she found a gold nugget in a creek bed.
It helped her family a lot that year.

Momma also has a story about making a pie.
She had all of the ingredients except for an egg. She went to the chicken coop
and sat and waited and waited for a chicken to lay an egg.
Then she finished her pie.

Eventually after the great Depression my grandfather got a job working for the Forest Service.
They lived a long life together near the banks of the Rio Grande river, in Alburquerque New Mexico,
on a street called Tobacco road.

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  1. Good morning, Gemma. I love the way you tell their story. Set it to music and it would be perfection. What a satisfying and happy and loving life (11 kids!!) they had.

  2. The photo is great. So much different from wedding photos of today! I like the stories you told. They must have been strong, loving people.

  3. Such lovely stories, handed down, now in cyber space forever!

    Sue x

  4. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it. Lovely photo too.

  5. Wonderful story and picture. Enjoyed it very much.

  6. Great story Gemma. Loved the picture. Thank you for sharing memories.

  7. What a rich, deep and wonderful family legacy. You told the story with so much heart. Thank you.

  8. Annie hit the nail on the head. This story would make a wonderful song--and it is already a poem. Sounds like they had a hard but happy life. Now we all remember them along with you.

  9. my great grandma was disowned by her family for awhile too.. for marrying beneath her status!

  10. to sit and wait for an egg
    is True Faith indeed
    in nature
    where True Faith does belong,
    don't you think?


    ~~she found a gold nugget in a creek bed~~
    if that isn't the way
    things Do work out
    for the best,

    what is?

    {{ i love your family stories
    as they are unique but
    universal }}

  11. What an adventerous couple! I LOVE the part about waiting for an egg to finish the pie!!

    I am reading the Jeanette Wells book, Half broke horses, biography of her grandmother...your story here would make just as wonderful a read!

  12. My God, I love that short sweet vignet you shared. Thank you! I am really loving all the memories people are sharing on these October Sundays. (Sorry I'm late, I've been ill). I have been saying that the flesh is gone, but these memories keep all of is alive. A new life, every time the story is told.Very nice.


  13. Too kewl! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  14. Like Stephanie I have read the Jeanette Wells books and your post brought that back to mind.
    Are people that self sufficient these days? I don't think I would be, but necessity and all that who knows. They are a good looking couple, very attractive.

  15. oh gemma i am home and so sorry to not have crossed paths with you. and then i sit here quietly at your feet and want only for the stories not to stop!
    thank you for your gift of story telling. where ever word comes from your deep wise heart.

  16. I enjoy stories about our families. Love the pie/egg story.

  17. oh gemma...i could not resist including a snippet of you in my joy today!

  18. dear gemma,

    once again i have shared your profoundly touching memory in my art of remembering. i want to thank you for your constant inspiration and friendship. may your day be filled with cherished memories.