Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happening @ gemmashouse right now

Outside my window: basil is flourishing. 

On my mind: holiday plans

Most thankful for: family.

I am wearing: Purple.

In my studio: I have started some hand made books.
Every day: I go to Glendale Fitness Center.

I am reading: "Artist Brain." 

What's cooking: Soup

Around the house: trying to reorganize closets

One of my favorite things: Art


  1. Very nice post Gemma. I'm wearing black today, no reason. Just the first thing I picked up today. You are busy today. That's a very good thing. Glendale is where my Father was born in 1913. I miss my daddy.:) Have a great evening.

  2. I like the idea of what's happening right now at your home. You should do a linky on it so others could link up and we can see what everyone is up to. tee hee. Take care amiga. Off to the showers I go!!

    1. We could do this or variations of it if you want. It's not my original idea. Certain browsers have problems with Mr. Linky
      so just leave a comment here for us to follow.

  3. Once a week linky would be a good idea on this meme.

  4. Gloria is right, as she mostly always is...weekly. It seems doable and fun...let's, shall we? Is today Wednesday? I will do mine right now, before it's Thursday, HBC! And always Love to you♥

  5. Well, I missed it so I'll have to wait til next Wednesday, hmmmm? I have d/l IE11 now, and Chrome so maybe Mr. Linky will work. We'll see tomorrow if Rebecca does Haiku. One of them is messing with my blogger posting. Prolly they don't like each other? Wish I were a tekkie.