Friday, January 10, 2014

Magical Journal Journey home again

Last year I participated in a traveling journal collaboration called the Magical Journey Journal. That journey has come to an end and we'd like to share how our journals came home to us.

I chose "purple" as a theme for my journal
Inside cover with personal tenets
Artist's left some lovely thoughts on this page

I absolutely love these journal pages:

Be Happy
a pocket to put tags into
A painting "I Am of Angels" of my aunt and mother

a wonderful story about getting old and wearing purple.

Book tree with books "whenever I pick a book it is always  the right one."

"Wild Big She"
When my journal was in England it was sprinkled with water from the Chalice well


You are drunk and at the end of the roof

and it made her feel wonderful about life

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
As you can guess I am so thrilled with my journal. It is a treasure I will cherish forever.
The other artists who participated in this are:

Please visit their links to see their journals this weekend.


  1. Wonderful pages Gemma. Very inspirational.:)

  2. I love seeing the books at the end if the journey, it's always so wonderful how personalized to each of us they are!
    P.S. I am mortified that I didn't do the sign in page- I guess I was in a rush (as usual) to get it home to you!!

  3. You nails look divine Mama...and I love a ring on the FU's the only finger I wear rings on...
    Your journal!
    It's lover-ly ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. I am crazy in love with your journal and all of the others that I had the privilege to see. So much inspiration, imagination, talent and magic ❤

  5. Gorgeous journal - so full of magic, fantasy, imagination & love! It was a pleasure to share the journey with you. Hugs Kat xx

  6. What an amazing journey! It was real fun taking your journal to Glastonbury too!! So thrilled to have been a part of this with you.

  7. I've especially loved seeing your pages. Since I was the first to have it, I didn't get to see them as they came by. So beautiful, every single page! I can't wait for the next "journey"!

  8. I love to see all these hues of color mesh together. All the pages are so creative and unique yet hold so much of each of us on them. Your journal is beautiful! I t is so fun to see them all completed!

  9. What an exciting treasure, Gemma. Love it and thanks for sharing. I especially like that book tree. I like tiny books a lot. xoxo