Wednesday, December 2, 2020

12 days of Mary


In old Mexico
on the streets of San Miguel
we shared Mary love

We were leaving Casa Carmen. Loading the van, 
Mary love was there in the morning sunshine.... 
Thank you for sharing dear Rebecca.

Haiku My Heart



  1. The sharing is a beautiful thing.

  2. Oh girl, come to Rebecca's and do one haiku. Just one. You are missed.

  3. dearest most kind soul of a friend, today at haiku my heart i am dedicating our friday circle to you. i am one of countless others blessed in this life by you crossing my path and becoming a fast and true friend for life. i am a better person for having known you and this world is infinitely brighter for your presence. i love you Gemma. may you truly know peace and how greatly you are loved. xoxo

  4. Thank you Gemma for your gentle spirit and all that we have shared over the years. Come visit me in the sunshine, in the cool places in the garden where life begins and ends and rises yet again. May your love radiate on for ever like this Mary Love. As dear Judie said... the sharing is a beautiful thing. You have touched us all with your beauty and grace and your loving heart. Blessings on your journey haiku friend of my heart.

  5. I am still missing you. xoxoxo

  6. I still think of you so fondly. You were a treasure. r.i.p. dear one.

  7. Terri told me about your tree spirit, Gemma. I knew you were a tree hugger. r.i.p. sweet girl.

  8. I didnt forget about your birthday last Thursday, Gemma. I left you a wish on your IG. Still missing you. r.i.p. angel. Saying a final goodbye now.