Friday, July 31, 2009

Wreck This Journal Celebration

My husband has not worked in a number of months.
I do not work in the summer because of the school schedule.
Needless to say we have been broke as a joke.

But I am celebrating. What could have been boring and depressing
was actually liberating and refreshing!
No money?
No problem...head in sand.
I'll just wreck my journal.
I took my journal outside and noticed the flowers blooming.
I took deep breaths and appreciated my health.

I laughed hysterically doing some of the antics suggested in the book.
Yep that was me licking and chewing on my book.
That was me going around asking strangers for their pens.
Yes I showered with the book.
I set the book on fire.
Then I picked it up with my elbows.
It was a great time plotting destruction with my grandson.

I took the book with me to visit my daughter in the mountains.
Yes I managed the lovliest budget vacation ever!

Sitting on the front porch at my daughters house,
I documented time passing:

So I am celebrating
*the good life
*good clean fun and laughter
*this summers growth
*time spent with family
*this wonderful online community

Thanks so much Jamie for tnc-wtj.
It totally wrecked!
See you in September.


  1. beautiful documenting of time passing. Just beautiful!

  2. I love your art work and so glad we shared this time together. It was so much fun. I am glad you had such fun.

  3. Yeah, it's been great fun and so nice to get to know you all through your wrecking. Beautiful mountains - can almost smell all that fresh air!

  4. I hear "Getting to Know you " singing in my head! Lovely passing time drawing

  5. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing. This corresponds totally to my apple seed star-attitide.
    :) CU

  6. I can just see you doing all those things. What a fun way to live life, Gemma!

  7. oh your art work is just so peaceful.. I am sure you are just like it..
    i hope to join in September too.. hope I don't miss it...

  8. What a gorgeous painting.

    And it was you who told me "just have fun with the book" the first week. I had NO intention of that ... but your words kept pestering me, and look at me now. Thoroughly delighted with the book, the group, the whole thing. Thanks Gemma, I know now, I should always listen to you.

  9. Reading the first three lines here and then continuing on rejuvenated my waning hopes for jobs for some important people in my life. I'm grateful for all that I have and must pray more deeply for those who have less.

  10. Oh - what a beautiful way to pass the time. All the tension fell from my shoulders just looking at it.

    What wonderful things to celebrate! I,too, have so appreciated this community of wreck stars!

  11. Lovely wreck work and thank you for sharing this journey with us! You're a wreck star! :)

  12. i have really enjoyed wrecking my journal with you and all of these other wonderful people! namaste!

  13. Thanks for the beautiful page you sent and thanks for sharing this wrecking journey!

  14. Gemma,

    Sure was fun having you along on the wrecking crew. Lovely painting today, so nice. I didn't know your hubster was out of work. Sorry about that. I loved the cards you sent.


  15. I have one now and will start working on...or wrecking it!

  16. This is how I felt during the whole process! I haven't been able to leave the city this whole summer, so things as simple as sitting at a coffee shop, doodling in my journal, were very pleasant experiences to pass the time.

  17. I love the community that was created as a result of this journal. So many fabulous women with amazingly different perspectives on how to 'wreck' a journal. It has been lovely.

  18. Wonderful art work. Sometimes being broke is very freeing...the shops don't call their siren song. We have time to create!

  19. I totally get the broke as a joke thing & this journal was fantastic for breaking through to the other side :) It doesn't matter how much money is in the bank...taking your journal for a walk is done nearly the same way - the journal, something tied to the journal and a stroll.

    I enjoyed the journey with you!
    Kristin - The Goat

  20. Lol, it totally wrecked - I love that! It sounds like this was just the right summer for Wreck this Journal! And what a gorgeous way you have of marking time passing!

    It was wonderful to share the journey with you, Gemma!