Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This summer, I sat with illusions of endless time.
Time to stare out the window with my imagination running wild.
Time to contemplate a flower.
Time to read and draw and paint and write.
Creativity requires that kind of time.

There were no school bells ringing.
I did not carry my proffesional worries around in a back pack.
...or even in my brain....
No harried running here and there to meet deadlines
or answer telephones and demands.

No responsibilities
Just Lee and I here at home.
Getting to know each other better...
(even though we've been married 30 years)!

I did not make my bed if I did not want to.


Time to create whatever bubbled up....

Many indigeneous cultures have no word for time.
Their measurement of time is by seasons and moons.
Time passes with births and deaths, planting and harvests.
Everyone moving with earth's rhythms.
There were no synchronized clocks!

As a creative person I need to carve out time
or the illusion of it....
for my survival.
I return to my hectic life Thursday.
School starts next week.

I am making a deep committment to make time for my creativity.
A vow that I will devote some time each day to the natural part of me.
Time to dream, create, and be.

How do you find/make time to do the things you want to do?


  1. Even with "time" that is 3 days off each week, I bite off too much. I've been telling myself that whatever I get "done"....just a sketch and not a painting, playing with a pile of fabric but not sewing a stitch....that it is all wonderful...just being there (in the mental creative space) for a little while each day is success more than having a lot of finished "art".
    Hope your last few days off are lovely.

  2. '''I will devote some time each day
    to the natural part of me'''

    yes, do...

    then art awhile
    it here


  3. Dear Gemma,

    I am so happy that you "found TIME" to do your artwork this summer. I think you have accomplished so much, and really stretched yourself by seeking out and accepting challenges. And I think that you will continue to do so into the fall.

    Here in ND, we have several Native American tribes, including Sioux (Dakota), Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara. A disparaging comment about them is to say that they live on "Indian Time". It does pose an inconvenience, I must admit, but oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to live on Indian Time, and start an event when it felt right, or come to an interview, not at 2:00 o'clock but at "Now O'Clock"? My own sister, who is not Native American, lives on what has been described as Indian Time. She does get to work on time, but not much else. At times she really has aggravated me, my husband, my daughter and her own kids, but you know what, SHE is never aggravated!!! I have never seen a more non-ruffled soul than her!!

  4. Gemma,

    For me creative time is just part of my day like taking a shower or cooking dinner. It becomes part of you so you really don't have to make time for it. Enjoy your time off,