Monday, July 27, 2009

Barcelona Virtual paint out

The muse has me into painting and drawing these days.
I was excited to find this:
A web art challenge using google street maps.

The challenge for July is to go to a map of Barcelona
Once you have located the map(scroll down) you can click on the yellow guy in the key
and explore Barcelona through pictures on the map.
When you find something you'd like to paint you may do so
and enter it into the challenge.

Here is my drawing of a little church I found.

Cami de San Climent de Liobregat CT, Espana

There will be a new map and challenge posted each month.


  1. Oh p.s. Sweet picture you have created.

  2. ooh thanks for sharing this Gemma, you find the neatest things to do..
    I love your style, it is so sweet and innocent, reminds me of those pavement drawings in Mary Poppins.. I could jump into your art! xoxo
    I am off to Barcelona!

  3. I like the neat simplicity of this piece, Gemma. And I do love that map you did down on the bottom of the page too!

  4. Gemma ..your paintings are darling! I love them. THe challenges are very inspiring...PS : Love your paint and pass idea

  5. Beautiful 'find', nicely depicted.

  6. Cool beans! But ick, I don't want Big Brother to be spying on my house! Especially if I'm in the yard. LOL!

  7. Very nice. Soft colors that relax you. Thanks for sharing.