Saturday, July 25, 2009

DSDF Art challenge

Recently I have found a number of blogs that host art challenges each month.
Several of them appeal to me. This week I chose to do the challenge at Different Strokes(link in title). Here is my interpretation of the photograph prompt there:

Old Things

I love old things...old books...old friends,
The lovely way an old tree bends,
Above a little clapboard house,
a tiny yard still as a mouse.

An old log house beyond the town,
It's oaken rafter falling down,
Yet holding in each chimney stone,
An ageless beauty of it's own.

I love old things....timeworn and frayed,
Upon whose heart the years have laid,
A kindly touch as if to show,
the beauty of their inner glow.

~Edna Jaques


  1. That is a beautiful photo/painting and that poem by Edna Jacques is soothing. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  2. good work Gemma! It is fun to learn from an art challenge!

  3. Gemma! Your art is awesome. gal! I love that you take up the challenges. Remembrewhen we did 101 self portraits...did you?

  4. What an extraordinary drawing...your talent amazes me and puts me at awe. The way you can capture the essence of a subject the way you do.
    For some reason your post reminded me of a fave Simon&Garfunkel song:
    Old friends,
    Old friends
    Sat on their park bench
    Like bookends.
    A newspaper blown though the grass
    Falls on the round toes
    Of the high shoes
    Of the old friends.

    Old friends,
    Winter companions,
    The old men
    Lost in their overcoats,
    Waiting for the sunset.
    The sounds of the city,
    Sifting through trees,
    Settle like dust
    On the shoulders
    Of the old friends.

    Can you imagine us
    Years from today,
    Sharing a park bench quietly?
    How terribly strange
    To be seventy.
    Old friends,
    Memory brushes the same years
    Silently sharing the same fears

    Love and hugs,

  5. Gemma, I love your interpretation. I found the Different Strokes blog with a little digging (your link didn't work). I am intrigued by this site and the challenges it offers, especially the longer timelines.

  6. Your rendering is lovely. I really like how you do shadows.

    I love old things too. And they were so much better made than the things today.

  7. gemma,

    encouraging you are
    with your turn
    at a new challenge!

    you did so good, missy,
    and it was fun looking
    at all the interpretations...


    you make me want to give it a try
    the truth is
    i have been sketching MAPS
    i wonder WHERE that comes from...

    {{ hint----> trusty map }}

  8. that drawing is beautiful Gem xoxo

  9. That is beautiful. And I love old things too.