Friday, July 24, 2009

Wreck This Journal

Making magic.... takes all of the elements.

Pondering this I realize my WTJ qualifies to be a
bonafide magical book!
It's been burned,
covered in earth,
it's been showered with water,
and it has flown through the air.
Honoring that magic and flight...
I chose to wrap a feather on this page:

Later I was thumbing through the book wondering where I could wreck some more when I came upon this page:

It seems my grandson liked the idea of putting his handprint here.
that's OK
then I read the message he left:
"This is the hand I have never hit someone with".
Hmmmmm.....When did he become a pacifist?
Is he trying for points with grandma by writing that?
Or since it's his left hand does that mean
he's a right handed slugger???
Lol! Kids these days.

this page is a sign what do you want it to say
I choose to say:

Glitter it up
it only adds to the magic!


  1. Sweet!
    Wow! What a great artist you are! And I love, love, love the hand drawing.....adorable!!

  2. love your artwork on the SIGN page and the hand that has never hit..I assume he is RIGHT-handed then? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments!

  3. The wrapping page is a beauty!

  4. I love the idea that your book is magic, with all the elements involved. I know that it has worked like magic on unlocking my vampires & creativity!

  5. GLITTER>> what a great sign.. yea for GLITTER

    I like that sweetly wrapped feather.. that kind of heart tugging for some reason.. oh, sentimental me!!

  6. There is never too much magical glitter in the world!!! (That sure is one precious little hand.) Keep on WRECKERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. KIDS! I love them. WEll, when I read what he wrote it said..This is my hand I have never hit someone with it. I got that he has never hit someone! Since I have been here at my neice's with her kids , I have been truly blessed with some interesting kidstuff,,haha!

  8. You are very right this is a magical book. It also brought use all together to enjoy each other creative spirits. And created many new friendships.

  9. Love you SIGN page - a life full of glitter, things that sparkle and shine ... well done! :)

  10. Got to snicker at your thoughts on your grandson!

  11. your journal is certainly a magickal book with all the elements!!..
    and Glitter.. that is your middle name xox

  12. There's a lot of magical stuff going on this week - is this the power of the journal or just something a whole bunch of creative ladies have created?

  13. What a wonderful observation about the journal being magical, touched by all the elements.

    Love the glitter sign!! Thank you for your magical, glittering, wrecking spirit!

  14. I love your Grandson's comments with his hand...brilliant!

    Lovely wrecking! Thanks for supporting fellow wreckers on this magical journey. :)

  15. You're right, it is magic.

    Love it all, but I found the message that went with your grandson's hand so beautiful. I wished I could say that about my hand!

    The feather is wonderful, the glitter, the sentiments...
    and omg, I just saw your fantastic map at the bottom of your blog page!

  16. I like your view about the elements! I didn't thougt about those pages yet! Briliant! Magical!

  17. Fabulous! I think your sign that says "glitter" is amazingly fun. Happy wrecking!

  18. This journal is indeed magic. I like that you had glitter as your sign - cool!