Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some things to do In hot weather:

Do yardwork before dawn
Sit in front of the fan
Let the wind blow
Eat ice cream
Take a dip in a cool mountain stream
Read Emily Dickinson
Go for a moonlight swim
Visit a cafe, drink iced coffee,write in your journal there
Take a cool bath, light candles
Blow bubbles
Make water balloons(sit on them)
Make some art
Write to a friend

How lovely it was to recieve this art and note from Janet:


As it perches upon a single branch
It forms an elegant poise

Smooth black velvet skin
A beak as yellow as the sun

Still and content in life and song
It remains its elegant poise

~nicola burkett

Such a pretty card. I love your art.
Thank you Janet.


  1. I enjoyed making it for you! Glad you like it. The poem seems to be just right for it.

  2. oh I love Janet's art! she is going from strength to strength over the years i have 'known' her..
    I love your ideas for summer ~ never have read Emily Dickinson.. you inspire me.. moonlight swim? depends where.. a little scared of creepy crawlies here and also sharks if at the beach!! but in my pool would be good.
    I love you blog gemma.. it is so simple.. and has a childlike charm about it.. it speaks to my inner child xoxo

  3. It's been cooler than normal here, but it is sunny and the rain finally ended. It is so pleasant to sleep comfortably through the night. I don't have to do those things to cool off yet, but there's always August. (But I did eat ice cream - tee hee.

    I got a card from Janet as well, and it is yellow and black too, and features a crow (a different black bird than yours) and a black and yellow butterfly. Yeah, Janet is cool!

  4. This is a wonderful card, and we love our blackbirds, (at least in art, mythology and poetry! if not in the garden!)
    I think I'll go check out some ice cream now...

  5. Janet has such a giving heart, I too received a card from her. Her art never fails to impress.
    Your ideas for a hot day....mine would be to take multiple cool showers...that or just melt as I cannot take the heat. The cool stream idea is great one!
    Sending big love to you and working on your wand as we speak!

  6. Deliciously cool thoughts! Love Janet
    s card!

  7. So cool!
    and the card is so pretty!

    p.s. don't forget the old bra in the freezer trick - lol