Monday, July 13, 2009

This month I am participating in Following the Masters
Blog Challenge . (Click link to see other artisits work)
The Master painter for this challenge is Maxfield Parrish.
I have always loved Parrish. He does many Southwestern mountain and canyon scenes.
For this challenge I decided to try my interpetation of his painting "Ecstasy". There is alot of movement in the folds of the fabric.

After painting I digitally softened some of the hardlines and colors on my computer. I like the softer look on alot of my work for some reason.

This has been a fun challenge and I look forward to more challenges in the coming months.


  1. Lovely work gemma! I especially like the softness too. Thanks for joining in!

  2. Oooh, pretty! For the millionth time, I wish I could draw.

  3. Looks like pastel...soft & pretty. Like the map too. Did you draw? I need to confirm but I think you friended my facebook profile. I am commenting from my writing blog but you may know me from my art blog too, and from Violette's. Have a creative day.

  4. She's beautiful! I love the way her hair and the ribbon swirl in the wind.

  5. GEMMA! This is DELICIOUS! You are so talented woman! :) I love the colors and compostion of your art. It's so uniquely and strongly you! :)

  6. Oh Gemma this is exquisite! I love Maxfield Parrish too - in fact one of my favorites is Ecstasy! I love the soft detail you did, it gives a most ethereal quality! I am so loving you decided to do this art blog!!!
    love and hugs!

  7. Gemma..I love it. Parrish is a fave of mine. I love the one where the gal is reclining...all golden and orangy! You are so good about the challenges.

  8. such fun to pop in here
    to see what you are doing..


    i just have to tell you...

    i have fallen in love with your little map
    and every time i see it
    i wander around
    in your world


  9. Wonderful work! What a fun challenge!
    You are amazing, Gemma!
    Hope that you are still in Flagstaff where it is a bit cooler than the valley!