Friday, July 10, 2009

Wreck This Journal
week 6

This week was no different than all the others I've had while
Wrecking This Journal.

It was FUN!!

Along with my Vietnamese lunch of Springs rolls, shrimp,chicken,
rice noodles, fish sauce, peanut sauce, Hoison sauce,
mint, and veggies....I drizzled my tea on the Stain log page
to document my lunch.
I was afraid that the smell of the fish sauce would linger
but actually it blended nicely with the rest of the book.

It was fun also to make my white page:

I found lots of bits and bobs of ribbon and lace.
Some vintage fabric and added the definition from a word
I'd been saving for my lexicon.
Tough and persistent certainly fits this book.

I bravely gave my book over to my sister. She has been known to wreck some of my things in the past!
She did a good job on this one. Minus the dead leaves that seem to float and get stuck throughout my book.
She ripped sunbeams around the prompt and added a colorful page behind it.

Tuesday my favorite page was sent to the other Laura.
Hope she likes it.
Have you given away your favorite page?
Have you accepted the loss?


  1. Oh your white page is so pretty. And your sister is pretty good at this ... WTJ for her next birthday present perhaps?

  2. Love your new banner. I also loved the white pages. My sister never wrecked my stuff - it was always my brothers - especially John.

    Wish I could have had a Vietnamese lunch with you.



  3. Your banner picture is gorgeous! Top tip for the smelly stains - fresh mint seems to keep its smell much more than Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce and smells much nicer! And now I could just drink a cup of refreshing jasmine tea! Lovely white page - very peaceful looking

  4. The white page is beautiful!! Great texture!

  5. Great creativity. Your white page is beautiful.
    Happy wrecking. See ya next week.

  6. What fun you are having! :)

  7. Haven't seen another stain log as good looking as yours ... well done! ;)

  8. You know - it wasn't hard to give away this page as I sent the blot - so had it's twin. I also knew I was getting something special in return.
    Love your new header and all your "wrecking".
    Great stuff.
    Keep on wrecking.

  9. There you are! I was looking for you! :)

    Your wrecking is dreamy :)I adore the ethereal white page! :)

  10. Beautiful white page and your sister made this very well!
    Happy wrecking!

  11. ohohoohoh....
    i do not have that book
    i DO
    have a Stain Log
    on one of my white t~shirts...



    never mind,
    that is not the same


    is it???

  12. 112 degrees? scheeche!!
    Love your white page.
    peace, kai xx

  13. I love your white page and your stain log looks kinnda not nice. :):)Keep wrecking!

  14. Hi Gemma!
    I love your white page...the dove is so much like the one in one of the pages you did in my round robin altered book! Good use of texture. Eye candy!

  15. The stain log is fabulous! It sounds like you had a bunch of different items to work with in that meal. The page your sister did looks nice too.

  16. Ahhh the stain log! Good for you - I haven't done that page yet. Your white page is great!

    I have sent out one of my favorite pages to another wrecker. The wrecker that I was paired with by Jamie has asked for an additional week, so that isn't accomplished yet.

  17. my goodness!! your white page is gorgeous.. i keep coming back to look at it

  18. love your new banner! and love your wrecking. i haven't done the stain page yet. sounds like a good reason to go out to lunch!

  19. Totally awesome. Yay to FUN!!!

    And yay to the bravery it takes to hand over something that's yours to a destructive sister! Wow.

    Fabulous wreckage, Gemma!