Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink Artist

Here is a little keepsake box I made for
the Pink Artists.

It will be a gift given away at the Pink Artist Block Party in October.
Link in title

Painted silver and decorated with black fleur de lis scroll work,
it is lined in hot pink.
There is a fun faux pink jewel on top.
The colors are brighter than shown in these pictures.

I wanted to make something to donate to this cause.
Money made from donations will go to the Susan B Komen Foundation.

My cousin Kathy died from breast cancer when she was a young woman.
Many of my friends are breast cancer survivors.
Thinking of you all tonight.


  1. What a lovely keepsake box, truly a treasure. Gemma, you are so talented in so many ways. Your writing style is quite evocative too.

  2. Gemma, that is beautiful. I like it very much. You think of so many things to do and I agree with AutumnLeaves on your writing style. Have a great September.