Sunday, August 30, 2009

summer stuff

This is the little picture I did for Windows to the words art for August.

This was painted from a photograph posted at the site.
Later I softened it digitally and added the frame.
It was fun. These challenges keep me going when my inspiration
goes on vacation.



  1. A gentle spirit who is one with nature! love it!

  2. I love it! The ducky wucky is getting something out of her purse, that is so funny. It's great Gemma.

  3. Hi Gemma! Thanks for visiting my blog. Did you find me through the TAW site? I'm enjoying working with the group. Bought a new notebook yesterday for morning pages. Looks like you've hooked up with a great group of artsy friends. Yea!

  4. Exactly why I participate in several challenges. Well, I guess I do it so I can practice practice practice. Love this cute little painting! Such a contrast with her in a business suit and the ducks being so playful and farmish!

  5. Hi, Gemma,

    I've seen the actual picture and it's even cooler the way you did it.

    When your inspiration goes on vacation - go there with it, and just play for a while!

  6. Hi Gemma! Your little quacker bandit is posted and linked on Windows to the Words ART. Great work!! And thanks so much for participating,

  7. What a sweet painting, Gemma! Ducklings - so cute.