Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sunday Scribblings

Fantasy Dinner Party
I am having a dinner party and can invite anyone, living or dead. My table seats eight but I am one,so I can invite seven people.
The guests do not include Jesus, Buddah, Krishna, Allah or any religious organization godhead...
although I think they'd be interesting. Perhaps next time.

Starting with an Asparagus and Salmon salad
Here is my guest list:
1.My Mother- Dead almost 10 years. Love of my life.
Of course she is first on my list.
2.Leonardo DaVinci-I have a multitude of questions for him.
3.Leonard Cohen-He'd bring poetry and general grooviness to my party
4.Ruth Amanda Daugherty (my great grandmother from Ireland)-for stories and laughter.

Our next dish will be Articokes from the garden drizzled with Olive oil and grilled over an open fire. They will be served with herbed butter,lots of napkins and
a flight of various wines.
5. I would invite 1 bloggerista perhaps you-to comment about the affair
6. Anais Nin-for soothing words like constellations
7. Jelaluddin Rumi-for my soul
8. That'll be me...

More bread comes in baskets
Next course is alphabet soup with fresh pasta. No one is at a loss for words however the letters came in handy when translating a Rumi thought.

Fruit and soft cheese with a sweet wine or coffee finish the meal.
Who would you invite to a fantasy dinner party?


  1. Oooh! love the menu :) especially the dessert!

  2. I was going to invite Rumi but he didn't seem fit in with my other guests. Great Poet
    You plan a great dinner. I'll call you next time I have a party. Chips and beer is about all I serve. loved the art

  3. Leonard Cohen might bring '...tea and oranges that come all the way from China...'

  4. This is beautiful! The pictures and words flow so well together!

  5. Great dinner party, food and guests!
    I think I would like to have Mary Oliver along with Leonard Cohen. And Marc Chagall!

  6. mmm asparagus and artichokes! all very good. i also invited anais! :)

  7. That was simply delightful Gemma!

  8. I would like to invite you to Wrecking Sisters reunited
    Please stop by if you would like be a part of the fun

  9. Amazing dinner party Gemma. If I ever have one, I'd want you to organize it for me. Lovely! xoxoxo

  10. Fantastic menu, and interesting guests Gemma.
    I'm not sure who would be on my list, but my departed parents for sure.
    Rumi would be interesting too.

  11. Wow! I want to be invited to one of your dinner parties! The food sounds delicious. I'd have to have mine catered or no one would come!!

  12. Sounds like a grand dinner party and it all flows together. Great guests. Thx for sharing.

  13. Aloha Gemma..
    I'd be happy with a few friends at a dinner party in a Sedona park :)
    peace, Kai

  14. Now that sounds like quite a party! Love that menu.
    Hmm, I'd probably take up half the table with my loved ones that have gone on. I'm going to ponder the other half of the guest list for awhile. Though I'd have to have more than one of these dinners - 'cause some day I hope to have a dinner together with you and the GPS!

  15. Excellent choices Gemma! What a fun fantasy dinner. I'll agree with Kai too,,haha

  16. I would invite you & Daisy.. and we would have cupcakes and tea.

  17. You have the most beautiful blog.

    Renee xoxo