Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peek inside

Lots of stuff inside gemmashouse on shelves that go to the ceiling!
I've saved treasures that you have sent.
There are cards, letters full of love, dolls, altered books, shrines, papers and art.
Most recently I recieved the beautiful painting Fristers
and a wand by Lisa Oceandreamer
Aren't they are wonderful? Muchas Gracias mi hermana y amiga.
Thanks to all of you sisters and friends who have shared art and friendship with me. I treasure your gifts, but mostly I treasure your friendships.
Of course I've got lots of art supplies myself to make things for all of you!

This is just a little peek.
I opted out of posting a picture of the havoc I've been creating.


  1. How nice that you would post of all your treasures. Thanks for sharing, I like your thoughts.

  2. lurve the wand!! you wave magick everyday! xo

  3. I love that you love the things you receive, it makes giving them all that more special.
    I know what you mean about treasures... In working on my studio the way I am I have a square basket with a lid that so many cards and ATCS and wonderful things are stored in from blogging friends and fristers. Some of the bigger things I try to keep out or at least rotate now and then. I feel very blessed over the last 3 years to have received such divine gifts. To sit and go through that basket alone is like opening a basket full of embraces.

  4. It is the magical realm of Bloglandia...where presents appear in the mailbox and wondrous gifts float in on the breeze and land at your doorstep...!

  5. I love this post...wonderful wand from Lisa. I think maybe I will craft one tomorrow and some for some of my other friends! Great little gift!
    The "fristers" is(are?) charming!


  6. love that wand, i have to make me one real soon, LOL

  7. Hi Gemma. Carmen sent me a painting of a lady with scarves around her head and she said you painted it. She also said that it was for me. I just wanted to say that it is a lovely painting and I'm very thankful I have it, and it will hang in my studio. Have a great Friday.

  8. The wand and all the art is beautiful - as are those we made it - and the recipient :)