Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artist Way: Safety in Trees

Trees give me a since of safety and security

Thoughout my life I have felt protected by trees. Due to my fathers railroad work we moved alot when I was a child. Sometimes being "the new kid" was hard. Often when we moved to a new town I sought refuge in trees.
One particular small town we lived in had a crab apple orchard behind our house.
I climbed those trees and ate crab apples until I was sick. It was there that I saw my first metamorphosis,watching a butterfly emerge from it's chrysalis.
I remember being very happy there.

Today there are alot of trees in my yard. Two guardian gentlemen stand tall at the front of my home. They are Olive trees. The Olive tree is considered the sacred tree of Athens. According to legend a white dove carrying an olive branch is a symbol of peace. Occasionally doves nest in my Olive trees.
What joy it is for me to see a dove fly with an olive branch.

Some things I've done with trees:
-Sit in a forest and watch sunbeams shine through them
-Read a book sitting in or under a tree
-swing high
-climb them, sing "Old Susanna don't you cry for me"
-hug them they have such gentle loving spirits
-meditate with the trees
-used them to hang a hammock between
-hide in them or behind them, then jump out and scare the grandkids
-Swing from a tree rope into water
-use them for shade from this hot weather
-decorate them with the seasons
-draw them
-photograph them
-watch the full moon rise through the branches
-love them


  1. Beautiful post, Gemma. I love trees, too and spent many an hour hiding out underneath the low-hanging branches of a weeping willow tree when I was a kid. Trees remind me of a wise old woman. They're so majestic and loving.

  2. Wonderful post! Trees are, as Janet said, majestic. Though I think many times they are overlooked, and therefore not as appreciated as they deserve to be. Personally, I've always loved the shadows they can create :)

  3. I love trees too. Unfortunately I had two huge trees cut down because they were causing damage. I do though, have an abundance of trees in the back yard. Olive trees, at least 4 of them, pine trees, cypress trees, apple tree, peach trees, orange tree, nectarine trees, tangerine trees and more. There you have it, lots of trees and still counting. I love the fruit they give and how they stand tall. Thanks for sharing. I love all the things you did with the trees. Have a great weekend.

  4. What a terrific list, gemma. And a beautiful and enduring representation of your sense of safety. I'm hoping to put a hammock between a couple of oaks here one day.

  5. ahhh trees... yep they are protectors for me too.. like their branches are arms that wrap around you in protection.
    maybe oneday we can do all those things that you list - together (or maybe we already have) xoxo

  6. Oh, Gemma, I love trees,too and have done many of the things you've done. I especially like to watch the moon cradled in the brnaches of a tree. I have a fatally ill pin oak that I feel so sad about.

  7. I love trees too. Sentinels, protectors and teachers - and the ones in our yard I think of as beloved family members. The girls have a swing in our maple tree, that they love - and I have a porch swing under it, for me to sit with it too. I'd love to have a hammock again, some day.
    How wonderful to see doves flying with olive branches! What a peaceful scene..xOx

  8. Aloha Gemma..
    you tree hugger you :P
    great post..
    peace, Kai