Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virtualpaintout London

Explore London?
Yes! Of course !!!
Albeit I am adventuring virtually.
Having fun nonetheless.

Thanks to google street maps
We can virtually travel the world street by street.

This time I'm in Paddington,London....

The address:
45 Chiltern
Paddington, London UK

It has been great investigating the streets of London.
I was attracted to these windows because of the brick work around them,
the flower boxes, and the lace curtains.

To see other paintings of London visit virtual paint out.
Then visit the maps at the bottom of the page.
Maybe you'll find a scene you'll want to paint.
There are beautiful bridges, amazing architecture,
Victorian churches and buildings, homes,
gardens, statues and so much more.

Paddington Station Platform One
Your beauty shines out
In the monochrome station
Sooty platform one.

We liked each other
Long ago when first we met
Such grace, we still do.

Your tinkling laughter
Your voice in the night sighing
I listen for you

Your taste and your touch
The essence of your humour
Spring comes to my soul.

21st March 2008
~Res John Burman


  1. Isn't Google Earth a great way to "see" the world!! Love your and doors always interest me.

  2. Hi Gemma, I love all the detail. It is amazing to see things like this with out leaveing your chair. The curtains are beautiful too. You are a wonderful artest.

  3. loving your travels!!I must try it

    thanks so much for your beautiful poems

  4. I love windowboxes filled with flowers and I've always wanted to visit London. Now I can, thanks to you and google ;)

  5. Aloha Gemma..
    Where in the heck is London? teehee..
    you do it justice! :):)
    peace, Kai

  6. Oooh how exciting. I'm going to Spain! I love the window box.Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a lovely painting of this building. Great job, Gemma!