Monday, September 7, 2009

Corn Maidens

Sacred kernels of life
A painting of three corn maidens is depicted with reverance by Hopi artist Milland Lomakema. It shows the traditional symbol of their most basic food item, corn.
His painting inspired my Following the Masters this month. The theme for this challenge is western art.
Using the three corn maidens, I made a zentangle mandela:

A few years ago I was fortunate to attend some native corn dances at the summer solstice held by the Zuni tribe.
Dancers carried ears of corn as they made a procession through the village.
Some sprinkled maize along the path as they made their way to the site where the sacred ceremonies/dances were held. The maize left a trail of white powder similar to corn meal on the path behind them.
It was stunning and very spiritual.
These dances and this tradition has been carried on for thousands of years.
I was blessed to witness it.


  1. Gemma,

    This is wonderful, WONDERFUL! I see the crows in there too. However, I can't link to the masters' challenge.

    Corn was very important to the Mandan Indians here in ND. They grew enough for themselves and to trade too. They also developed hybrids of the best corn to grow here, and these heritage seeds can still be obtained. I wish I could see a corn ceremony. But there is the famous International Native American Pow Wow here Friday through Monday. Wish you come come see it.

  2. Wow Gemma, that is some painting. I too see the crows in there and the colors are just beautiful. One of of plans for next years corn was to plant the colorful corn as well. I found out that it is also edible. Congratulations on such a great painting. Well done. Enjoy your week.

  3. I can almost see a yen/yang as well as the colorful cornmaidens (who look pregnant with life!) This is a wonderful painting for harvest time too!

  4. What an honor that ust have been. Your cornmaiden zendala is beautiful, Gemma.
    Hope you had a happy Labor Day weekend. xo

  5. Gorgeous, Gemma!! Thank you for sharing the history a bit too!

  6. oh wow Gemma, that summer solstice celebration sounds fantastic.. you were indeed blessed to be able to attend it.

  7. A beautiful mandala, Gemma! How lucky you were to attend the corn ceremony too.

  8. beautiful zentanglemandala.. thanks for sharing

  9. It all sounds so spiritual..would love to attend such a celebration!
    Yesterday I pulled out "your card" of and light to you!
    I'm feeling wonderful...full of happiness and healing light! hugs aNNa xo

  10. Fantastic!! I love your zentangle/corn maidens and also a little bit of crows.