Friday, September 4, 2009

Syn-crow-nicity TAW

Week 3
Regaining a sense of power

Synchronicity came to the fore front while doing week 2 of
The Artist Way. It seems as though every time I turned around something occured that I had recently thought about, dreamed about or planned in some way.

How can we not know that we have, or are connected to some kind of support system
(God) when these things occur?
-I used to work in a school library. I loved the job!
The position was eliminated a few years ago.
Lately I've been thinking about the fun I used to have in the library.
This past week the very job I used to love opened up again.
Duties include: all kinds of art, help students put on little plays in the library,
read stories and other fun stuff.
-I find things just as I think about them.
-Think of someone... they call. That sort of thing.

To regain a sense of power for week 3 TAW
Working on:
-getting closer to myself....being my own BFF
-Full moon earth healing tonight
-some art projects
-doing daily morning pages
-going on an art date tomorrow chosen from my list of 20 things I love.....
but haven't done in a while.

What are you doing?
Hope you are having fun
and enjoying your weekend.


  1. I found as I was doing the artist's way several years ago, it opened up possibility within me. Now as I approach retirement, I am more and more clear about what I want to do for the rest of my life. To live life creatively is a dream on the verge of being fulfilled. I am so happy to read about synchronicity working in your life.

  2. yes, synchronicity has been working in my life too. I had the most fantastic Full Moon ride last night.. and then today, my disc sat on Earth as I gardened. love you xoxo

  3. These things happen to me at times as well. Oddly enough, I was watching a commercial yesterday. Both times I saw it, I found myself feeling a sense of mortality for one of the characters in the commercial. It was disconcerting. I hope I was just feeling some weird sense of my own mortality at the time. It happened both times I saw that commercial yesterday. Maybe it also had to do with what was happening in the commercial. I don't know...left me feeling unsettled, for sure.

    Great job on the crow, Gemma. Or is that a raven? Nevermore! Nevermore!

  4. I love the crow...I need it...send me a copy..haha! It is really cool Gemms ....Yuo are so creative and I love your art! Peace...have a great Labor day weekend! I'm chillaxin' !!

  5. I think the crow is great too. I sometime try not to think of certain things too much because yes, things happen. I do believe that. Have a great weekend.

  6. Gemma,

    Did you get the library job, I hope so it sounds like a better fit for you. Love the crow/raven too! When I went to town the crows were back all sitting on a power line. They looked great but of course I didn't have my camera. I need to start carrying it all the time again.


  7. Hope your healing goes well. The moon been quite pretty coming up over the mountain.

    Coffee is on.

  8. Hello Gemma - I'd lost your blog address! I love this raven picture (or is it a crow?) I often see ravens where we live. They nest just along the coast from us and they fly over our house calling in their deep, magical voices. They always send a wonderful Crone shiver up my spine. mmm...think I might do a new raven picture too.

  9. Love your drawing, and your thoughts, as always. Hope you get the library job. When I worked in the school system I was in the library for awhile, but it wasn't for me. I settled in the counseling office; loved it there and stayed for several years. Teens were more up my alley! Caw! xoxoxo

  10. Hey..this would work for the Art on the Darkside challenge!

  11. I'm a crow person too....artwise/totemwise. (Don't think I want too many crows around in my yard permanently!!)
    This is a wonderful post, your art, your insights!
    Hoping the job opening up means you may soon be back there inspiring many young people!

  12. hahahha...

    i was JUST NOW thinking i wanted
    to do some bird sketches....



    {{ i want to put one
    on a clock i am designing }}

    go figure!

    from your friend,
    The Librarian ♥♥♥

  13. I did writing pages long ago too. Now my friend is doing them again.

    I love when synchronicity happens, and it's been happening for me lately too. I like that you and I are both experiencing it. Maybe with greater awareness comes synchronicity more often because it's always there, we just don't notice when we're not aware.

  14. Well this is a post just full of teasers!
    Did you go out for, and/or, get that library job?
    What is this mysterious artist date you are going on?
    Is it a crow or a raven? How does one tell the difference between the 2 anyhow? ;)

    BTW I love the idea of being one's own BFF.

  15. I admit it, I have no clue the difference between a raven and a crow. But I like it when the black birds go "caw, caw" and it echoes through the trees, especially on our recent spate of misty days with the train whistle sounding in the distance. Haunting time, this early autumn.

    I do hope you get the job. Putting on little skits with children! What could be more pleasant and nurturing for your own artist child. I'm crossing my fingers for you and even pressing my thumbs (German custom).

    Let us know. :)