Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just thinking I'd like to sketch today...

So I did.
Love doing things I want to do.
What are you doing today?


  1. Cutting out material for hankies I'm going to sew. Hankies made out of cotton with lace around them. Also I was packing all my brushes etc to take back into the studio. I plan on doing a "get things in order" job tomorrow in the studio after we get back from SJ. Hope your day was good and your sketch is great. She looks to be deeply thinking. Oh yes I did feel the "love" in the "breeze." It is breezy here right now. Take care and enjoy tomorrow.

  2. Very cute illo Gemma
    I got a cheap tow job!! Wanted to paint but the day got away. However I am watching Betty White on SNL....Happy Mothers day Gemma...You rock!

    Big hugs Sherrie

  3. Sweetness and innocence is what I see.
    Today I'm sending you a wish that you have a wonderful Mother's Day filled with a whole bunch of happiness! love anna xo

  4. I ate too much, looked at plants, then ate some more, lol. Hope your Mother's Day was filled with many moments of doing exactly what you want to do. Happy Mother's Day, Gemma~xoxo