Friday, June 11, 2010

Three Circles

gemmashouse consists of 3 circles.
The outer circle is a ring of trees.

There are 2 big Olive trees that stand guard in the front. A small Juniper is also in the front. On both sides we have Chinese Silk trees.

The middle circle represents the rooms in my house. This is where I live and nourish my self. Rest and rejuvenate from the world outside.
The smallest circle is my inner sanctum. It represents what is inside of me.
My dreams.


  1. Ooooh how profound. I like this little tour of yourself, so to speak. Very nicely put. Enjoy your weekend Gemma. Take care. I like the circle and what it reflects. I had to take another look at it. It is so you gemma.

  2. Astute observational skills Gemma.
    I like it.
    Have a great weekend, in your circle of love.