Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haiku my heart

 Three upright petals
three drooping regal sepals
imperial bloom

gracing my pathway
until they melted today


  1. Gemma, I have not been to this blog. Good to see you posting Haiku My Heart as you are excellent with your haiku on most allof your photos.
    I love the flowers and words here today.


  2. all that lush colour is wild to the eyes of the snow covered world!
    not so far from you yet up in the mountains your rain is falling in giant soft petals. i love the hush of it all, and the promise of spring sleeping beneath this lull of white.
    thank you for a glimpse of what waits...

  3. Hi Gemma~ So beautiful! I especially like part II of the haiku--how our lives and life in general are impermanent but can be enjoyed for the moment. Ahhh, we won't being seeing iris up here in New Jersey for a couple of months! You are so lucky!

  4. Beautiful Haiku Gemma.

    I like Haiku too but for some reason,I just don't know what to say. I once wrote a 3 liner that said:

    Hurriedly she goes
    round the corner
    tail wagging assuredly...

    I don't know. I was thinking of Chorizo walking round that corner.