Sunday, February 20, 2011

stumbling toward ecstasy

My senses
stumble toward ecstasy
inhaling the scent
of fresh cut lavender.

Drying in bundles
at gemmashouse.

Each time I pass those herbs hanging there
and catch a whiff ...
they bring back stories.
It's all about grandma and grandpa,
walking together through lavender fields in Friday Canyon.

Inherited love of a scent


  1. friday canyon...
    i have never heard of this place. but i do know lavender.
    it is amazing the way a fragrance hold memories
    that defy time.

  2. Hi Gemma~
    I came here for "Haiku My Heart," but lingered to smell the lavender and remember other times. Lovely!

  3. Lingering fragrance of lavender is just so relaxing. Always love to catch that whiff!! Have a great day Gemma!!