Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeking Balance and Joy

To me living in balance means:

~Enough sleep
~work/play time
~quiet time/chaos tolerance
~yin /yang
~physical/spiritual care for self
~ care for others 
~gratitude and honor for gift of life
~ joy  in the moments      
~Living my spirit


  1. Oh Gemma -- the photo touches my heart in ways I can't even explain. I clicked on it to see it larger and tears came to my eyes. Perhaps it's a call from Ireland and Celtic spirits. Perhaps it's the care and intention with which those little towers were built and knowing that minute shifts can yield great upheaval. Whatever it is, you've touched me today.

  2. a beautiful photo....and prefect words...I feel JOY

  3. such a lovely photo and the words balance so aptly described - I feel JOY just seeing it : )

  4. yes.
    you are filling me with the joy of good intension.
    and these stacks, these witness rocks completely get me.

    as do you.

  5. Thoughtful post Gemma.
    The stacks of rocks remind me of Inuit Inukshuks.
    Iit is said that when the Inuit were asked why they built them, the answer was, "they show we were here."
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I love the ways in which you enhance your spirit...what a great reminder for all of us!