Sunday, February 27, 2011

Postcards from paradise

Birds singing 

an atmosphere of friendship and connection
beneath  pecan trees 
on a farm in paradise.

The links above: two lovely ladies who happen to be visiting here at the same time.
(you may know them)
We met for lunch at the farm kitchen.
T'was delicious. 

Enjoyed wandering through the pecan orchard,
to the gardens, the chicken coop,
the artist studio,
all the while listening to birdsong.

Please join rebecca for more postcards from paradise.


  1. i can almost hear your birdsong.
    certainly your friendship rings out true blue...
    thank you for this postcard straight from your heart.

    so glad you are here!

  2. How wonderful that you girls got together!
    I'm day we will meet!

  3. Makes this postcard even sweeter knowing that you are sharing this with 2 good blog friends!


  4. It's been a long time since I walked through a pecan orchard (or grove), but they are magical places, and will impart their magic to those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts to receive. Blessings!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day. I love listening to the birds sing.

  6. sounds like a lovely day. we have robins here in florida right now... the only time we see them all year. their songs are joyous...

  7. hi again gemma, i love the quote you mentioned. it's by elizabeth barrett browning... if you're interested, i posted it here:

    "earth's crammed with heaven..."

    : )

  8. Under a pretty lilac sky .... Sounds like a perfect day!

  9. isn't the bloggyhood a wonderful place to meet and greet? I am so happy you made this connection

  10. The connection we made..forever!How blessed were we to meet once again and share our day making boquets of memories!I loved our day together at the farm and the mystery adventure we shared!
    love and light anna xo

  11. Looks like a lovely day. So glad you made that wonderful friend connection!

  12. are pecans in season at the moment? if so, did you gather some? I love farms and orchards.. I remember last year when I gathered walnuts with my friend. I was in heaven !

  13. Friendship and connection, this is our speciality here in bloggyland, I'm so glad I found this beautiful place ....

    Sue x

  14. I am still floating on a little cloud of happiness and pure joy after meeting the two of you, sweet ones Gemma and Anna. I just got home last night. Uploading pictures today. Big story to come. Hugs. Hugs! HUGS!!