Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sacred symbolic Mandela

In my heart:
Native Sun face symbol represents light inside me
Celtic Cross reflects Christian influence
Eastern thought represented in circle/zen aspects.
Crow totem sits on my heart
Tree shows love of natural world
Sky Swirl and all directions represent
relationship with universe.

made for Inspiration Avenue


  1. LOVE your mandala- how perfect for this week's challenge!

  2. This mandala is awesome. Love the bird and tree in the background, too. What a perfect addition to the IA challenge, Gemma!

  3. LOL - I thought I was going crazy for a bit because I thought to myself I'm sure I've already commented on gemma's blog about this gorgeous mandala. Then when I followed the old link I realised you'd just moved the post here. Phew. Like I wrote before I love all the thought and meaning that has gone into this beautiful mandala. A wonderful entry for this week's theme.
    Kat X

  4. Beautiful, and full of meaning - I love that you've used symbols from various cultures to make something unique and personal. Great work!

  5. Put it together and there's a big cross hair aiming right at the center of your heart. Someone is shooting love right at it!

  6. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring..your beautiful energy and spiritual essence shines through powerfully!I love the crow of course..a magical spirit! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece!

  7. I love the crow, and the 4 directions inside the swirling circle...and the tree just completes the picture! Beautiful!

  8. gorgeous and serene, such a beauty filled piece.