Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haiku My Heart

Organically grown
waiting to share succulence
grapes green on the vine

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Celebrating one year of Haiku My Heart
with more beautiful haiku.
Please join us.


  1. Sunshine turning sweet
    green globules of goodness
    all in God's due time.

    Sue x

  2. lovely! and they do look succulent!

  3. Gorgeous. We used to have a beautiful grapevine in our backyard when I was small. My sister and I believed that we could make wine from it. We squeezed the grapes and put it in a bottle but it turned to vinegar. We were a bit surprised. We were only 8 and 9 years old. It was a nice project at the time.

  4. Sounds good, and nice picture. I like the font you used for the haiku. Have a good weekend and enjoy your harvest when grapes green on vine are ready.

  5. Also I wanted to say thank you for the kind comment about my blog name. Have a good weekend!

  6. how yummy&green!


    grapes are
    The Personification of Succulence,
    aren't they?

    {{ are these ones
    going for the wine route? }}

  7. Beautiful photo of a promise for the future. I can sense those grapes ripening in the richness of the hot sun.

  8. What a great Summer picture and a beautiful haiku to go with it! I have grapes growing too, but they aren't that 'far' yet - and when they are, blackbirds eat them ;) - I might write a haiku about it then!

  9. lovely grapes of promise with a perfect honoring haiku.
    i am so late after my time away, and then a home coming radiant with company!!!
    stephanie and greg of the mango studio graced our garden, studio and home for several long summer days.

    i love you gemma and hope you are staying cool in these furry days!