Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Livin' the dream

Sitting in the Discovery Lounge at the Boulders the other day,
my sister wanted to know why I painted my toenails black.
"Why don't you paint them a pretty color like pink or orange"? She asked.
"I like them black." I said.

We were at the Boulders for our annual girls in the family reunion.What joy! We treated ourselves to the spa,sat in the sauna, steam room,and luxuriated in the Japanese soaking tub. We deserved it!!!

Linked to Meria and more JOY.


  1. Yes you certainly do deserve it, Gemma. I can't remember the last time I painted my toenails or finger-nails for that matter.....I'm such a bore! I LOVE your black nail polish....and hey, it matches in with the design on the wall. hehehe

  2. I too love your black nail polish...who wants to take a survey and then copy the most popular colors and be like everyone else? It's good to have the confidence to like what we like and be who we are :) Peace today, sharing the joy, Olivia

  3. What a fabulous idea -- a girls in the family spa retreat! I've been thinking that I should organize a girl cousins event, since no one else is organizing one but everyone agrees it would be a good thing to do. Some place with spa services would be perfect.

  4. I love spa days and I never get one. I don't have any sisters. Boo-hoo! I love your nail polish.

  5. I like the picture on the fireplace. I think that your toenails look just fine and it looks like a beautiful and relaxing place to be.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Gemma, I clicked on your Boulders' link and fell in love! What JOYful bliss! Such a beautiful and serene setting! I agree with Meri: the perfect place for my cousins' reunion, too! Phoenix is easy to get to from both the west and east coasts... I think your toenails look great! They actually look a deep crimson red... Love!

  7. That fireplace is AMAZING - love it. And the shot of the feet - perfection : )