Sunday, June 12, 2011

Postcards from the side of the road

               Out here in the desert foothills the sun beats down
               and weathers what ever you've left outside.

               You may forget that.
               Then one day your old broken down useless stuff becomes art.
               Rusty pink tractor is museum ready. 
               Flora amid rusty iron tub with a hint of Star Jasmine nearby.
               Today is the final day of the Shrine Auction for
               Street Children of Oaxaca grassroots.
               Auction is open today until 6:00 PM
               Pacific Standard Time.
               If you were unable to bid on an art piece
               you can make a donation to this cause. Thank you so much to
               all of you who helped these children.
             Visit recuerda mi Corazon to view more postcards from paradise.
             Or why not join us with a postcard from where you are?


  1. Wonderful little snippets of life where you live. The old tractor looks great.

    I like watching American Pickers just to see old rusty things!!

  2. welcome home gemma!!! i love liefs unexpected treasures. road side and otherwise...

    thanks for being a treasure in mine!

  3. I think that weathering is always beautiful and nature creates some of the best works of art, even with machinery. Lovely postcards and welcome home, Gemma.

  4. If you want a pink tractor,
    buy a red one
    and park it in the sun
    for a few years!

  5. Nature always has her way of making a mark and beautiful it can be. Great postcard shots, Gemma!

  6. love old weathered stuff. I saw lots of it on the weekend.. but no photo opportunities.. too difficult to stop on the side of the road on the bike. :(

  7. The weathered fence is just the look I've been after, shame I'll just have to wait!

    Lovely postcards,

    sue x

  8. I think I will be breaking a little while longer, Gemma, but seeing these postcards was lovely. A couple of them were a strong reminder of a visit I took to Mendocino a few years ago. Interesting how images of the ocean and the desert can be so alike.