Monday, June 6, 2011

Heading for the hills

I'm a gettin' outta Dodge...heading for the Arizona back roads.

Map of my world
Plan to:
Have coffee with Mother Henna in Sedona.
Converse with the Ravens...
Sit on Amanda's front porch in Rimrock and enjoy the view of Wet Beaver Creek.
Stop in at a few wineries in Page Springs.
Hike around Montezuma Castle, Lake and Well, explore the ruins.
Hit some little town thrift stores....
Ya never know what you might find there.
I REALLY need this.
Be back in a few days.


  1. I'm heading for the Oregon Trail, myself. Enjoy! Happy trails to you ~ (bump-a-dee-da, bum-pa-dee-dee-da... ;)

  2. Oops, think I bumped an extra 'dee' in dere...

  3. have a wonderful, wonderful time Gemma!! it all sounds just perfect. xoxo
    I love your map so much :)

  4. I am so with you in my heart. That part of the country is the home of my heart. I love conversing with Ravens, too!

  5. Have a safe and fun-filled trip, Gemma. Your map is so cool.

  6. oh gemma....we will be so close we might speak with the same ravens!

    perfectly delightful map, except i should be on it!

    enjoy, in joy!

  7. good morning and welcome home!
    yes..we will add prescott to your map. and i will add you to mine as i will be in phoenix this wed. and thurs. may i bring you a long awaited winged heart???

    you must have a slew of postcards from paradise to share, mr. linky is now up!