Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shrine Auction OPEN for bids

Come to My Heart
This  shrine is my offering.

For the street children in Oaxaca grassroots.

An old rusted cookie  tin was cut and made into a roof on this shrine. Also added nails, screws, bolts and bits.A cellophane rose and some paper marigolds are in the attic of the shrine.
The box was painted and sanded several times to get the desired patina.
I found a 10 inch nail.
Wired together with a copper tube to form a cross.
The fused glass heart
an old seldom worn pendant.
The virgen Guadalupe was painted with metallic paint behind the cross.
She glows.
On the back of the shrine 
following poem 
by Sufi poet

come, come
whoever you are.
wanderer, worshiper
lover of leaving-
it doesn't matter.
ours is not
a caravan of despair;
even if you have broken  your vows
one hundred times,
a thousand times.
come again

The shrine auction will be open from June 5th, 2011 @ Noon Pacific Daylight time
June 12th,2011 @ Noon Pacific Daylight time
Starting bid for this shrine $35.00
Gallery of Hope 

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  1. oh certainly you fill mine!!!
    thank you for embracing this years gallery of hope!

    can you believe we are four minutes away from beginning? deep sigh!