Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden abundance


various herbs in square foot garden plots
These photos were taken recently in a local organic garden.
This garden grows food for use in several local restaurants.
So much to be thankful for.

Linked to Meri's garden joy.


  1. yes. love both of these fruits. both very sacred. xo

  2. so beautiful. i have always had a crush on pomegranates. and once...i dreamed my feet suddenly became roots that drove deep into the earth and looking up into the sky my arms became branches...and suddenly i was an ancient fig tree..laden with fruit. and yes, i love figs eaten directly from the shady sweet branches...with little crystal drops of honey on their bottoms because they are so ripe and longing to be enjoyed.

    thanks for the beauty and the stirring of memories.


  3. Me, too, both! We have some fig trees that bear fruit some years and then some not. But no pomegranates...they are so fecund! Thank you for sharing your joy, gemma, xoO

  4. Mmm. I'm dreaming of figs and cheese now. Delicious. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos, and have a joyous Thursday.

  5. Garden abundance and girlfriend abundance, seeds of peace and friendship grow here like sweet pomegranates.

    Lovely pics

    Sue x

  6. Easy to see why pomegranates are symbols of the feminine divine -- tough on the outside, full of juicy creativity inside.

  7. ooh la la ...Meri said it all. What a delicious post!

  8. Lovely gardens. I would play there all day...

  9. Wonderful shots of such incredible fruit and herbs - the true bounty of summer!

    Pomegranites are a huge favorite of mine...my most worn earrings are silver pomegranites from Mexico...magical, I say!

  10. So gorgeous!! I want to be there!