Sunday, July 17, 2011

old cupboard

Who knows what has been hidden away
behind this little old cupboard door?
Did it hold linens and lace?
Had beautifully stacked colorful quilts waited for winter here?
Were pots and crockery stowed inside?
A snug a fit however, perhaps it was a hiding place for a child.
Do ya ever wonder about the history of certain objects?
Maybe it was a bin for old manuscripts and other family secrets.
Perhaps a chest held a hammer,cans of nails, and other tools.
It could've been just a place to hide the dirty laundry,
although I rather fancy it had a more whimsical use.

Maybe in a new life it will be a place to put garden diggers and potting gloves.

What would you put there?


  1. I would keep my recyclable magazines, junk mail and paper in there! I have an old cupboard made from old small doors that I use for that purpose.

  2. Crystal, china, glassware, and lace. I love the contrasting of rustic with fragile elegance.