Friday, July 8, 2011

Gratitude haiku my heart

White hot sky shines in
Tipi poles sacred symbols
gratitude my heart
The Poles Represent:
1. Obedience 6. Faith 10. Sharing
2. Respect 7. Kinship 11. Strength
3. Humility 8. Cleanliness 12. Good Child Rearing
4. Happiness 9. Thankfulness 13. Hope
5. Love    

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Haiku My heart


  1. oh the top photo...the light dazzling, and just a peek of sacred sky.

    thank you for this haiku of bright honoring

  2. The poles seem to represent just about all the important things in our lives. I love your haiku, photos, and message today!

  3. "Up the poles!!!" - that's what I say. Great photos!

    All the best, Boonie

  4. Your tipi and your tipi haiku are truly magical. Thanks for reminding me about what the poles mean. I had long ago forgotten that.

  5. You teach me an important lesson... I didn't know about tipi poles but I do know these are important words... I'm glad you remind me of that today. The haiku and photos are fabulous!

  6. what beautiful photos - brings peace to my soul.

  7. I didn't know of the symbolism of tipi poles -- thanks for the lesson!

  8. I LOVE this. What a wonderful Tipi. Thank you for the lesson. I didn't know either. We used to have a tipi village in Isla Vista where people lived years ago but they outlawed it. It was a nice thing.

  9. These are beautiful life guides! I love yours, too, Gemma: gratitude. I try to journal 5 things I'm grateful for every day before I go to bed. Wouldn't you love to have a tipi in your backyard for an overnight camping trip close to home? And see the blazing white sun as well as the moon and stars through the smoke hole?

  10. There is wisdom to be found in all cultures if only we would take a peek, thank you for sharing this.

    Sue x

  11. I didn't know what the poles represented either...a great way to focus and meditate on what's important in life. Great pics!