Wednesday, December 28, 2011

end of year reorganization

a place for paper images 
Pretty vintage accordian folder found at estate sale for $1

Working full time has found me in a state of disorganization. 
Wading through my   mess  has caused angst and inability to create.

a lot of good and some useless collage ephemera for art & inspiration 

My level of frustration reached it's limit. Today I have been in my art room doing major clean up.
Boy does it feel good. Going through my paper images include stamps I have saved from far away places, magazine words and pictures that made me "feel" something, pretty papers, sparkling things, vintage bits and quotes.

A quote I found today that really resonated:
"You are one of us said the tree to the axe handle"

All in all I feel pretty good nearing the end of 2011....
especialy looking back on it from a clean space.


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  2. That organizer!!! OMG, I am seriously jealous.

  3. Great organizer Gemma.
    I hope to make 'my room' more organized in 2012, in the hope that I might be more creative.
    Wishing you every joy and happiness for the new year dear friend.

  4. we are peas in a cleaning frenzie pod!
    the JOY of preparing for a clean slate and a new year!

  5. Happy New Year Gemma and I love your organizer.