Monday, December 5, 2011

Shrine to Mary in front of a humble home

Working in a "barrio" community, I see many shrines dedicated to Mary in the front yards of the homes. Most of the shrines are up all year.

Sharing a virgin a day is a perfect chance for me to show them to you.

This one has recently added lights and candles for the season. One day last week, I watched as an elderly gentleman worked sprucing up this shrine.

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a virgin a day


  1. It looks lovely. The red roses add such a burst of color.

  2. some of my most favorite shrines are in the barrios across the southwest, or rural mexico.
    this so touches my heart!

  3. Hello Gemma!How have I missed all your awesome Mary posts? All are lovely and I really like your haiku.:-) Looking forward to more!

  4. you have given me an idea.. I have an outdoor statue of Mary.. I think I will make a Shrine in my front yard!

  5. I think it is one of the more beautiful I have seen. The deep red flowers surrounding the virgin and the lovely statue of Guadalupe in the center. Such steadfast faith and unwavering love for her, even in difficult circumstances is, I am sure, honored deeply.

  6. The lights are all going up in my neighbourhood, the the reindeer, santa, snowman, I have never seen a Mary shrine, what a lovely idea, thank you.

    Sue x

  7. I love the lights. I think I will do something like that. thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Simplicity. Humility. Perfection.